Embark on a Timeless Journey with MINDTHEGAP's Orient Express Collection

All aboard for an enchanting journey with MINDTHEGAP's latest release: the Orient Express Collection. Prepare to be transported across dazzling landscapes and immersed in the timeless glamour of one of history's most iconic modes of travel.

A Journey Through Elegance and Intrigue:

Inspired by the allure of the Orient Express, this collection captures the essence of a bygone era when travel was synonymous with luxury and adventure. From the romantic streets of Paris to the enchanting canals of Venice and the imperial splendour of Vienna, each design pays homage to the captivating cities that captivated traveler's on their mythical journey.

Capturing Whimsical Moments:

Step back in time to the golden age of travel with designs that evoke whimsical moments and nostalgic memories. Scenes of fleeting forests, endless skies, and charming railway station architecture transport you to a world where every journey is an adventure waiting to unfold.

A Tapestry of Rich Imagery:

From wooden toy conductors to brightly coloured cases stacked with pets eagerly awaiting their owners' arrival, the Orient Express Collection is a tapestry of rich imagery that captures the essence of a bygone era. Intricate depictions of baggage cars, opulent tapestries, and ornamental room keys with colourful tassels add to the allure of this exquisite train journey.

Nostalgia Meets Modern Design:

With its blend of nostalgia and modern design, the Orient Express Collection offers a unique journey through time and space. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a dreamer at heart, these designs invite you to embark on a voyage of discovery and enchantment.


Experience the magic of the Orient Express with MINDTHEGAP's captivating wallpaper collection. Let your imagination soar as you journey through landscapes of unparalleled beauty and timeless elegance. Step aboard and let the adventure begin!