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Embrace Eccentricity: Unveiling Seletti's 'Classics On Acid' Dinnerware Collection by Diesel Living

In the world of tableware, Seletti's collaboration with Diesel Living has brought forth a groundbreaking collection that transcends traditional design boundaries. Named 'Classics On Acid,' this avant-garde dinnerware line introduces a fusion of bold aesthetics and unconventional patterns that redefine the dining experience. In this blog post, we'll delve into the distinctive range of dinner plates, side plates, bowls, glasses, and cutlery that make up this extraordinary collection, exploring how it elevates the art of table setting.

  1. Dinner Plates: Breaking the Mould

The dinner plates in the 'Classics On Acid' collection are a departure from the ordinary. Featuring vibrant colours and mind-bending patterns, each plate is a canvas of artistic expression. From psychedelic swirls to abstract geometrics, these plates redefine what it means to make a statement at the dinner table. The collection caters to those seeking a bold, eclectic aesthetic that adds a touch of rebellion to their dining experience.

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  1. Side Plates: Small but Impactful

Seletti and Diesel Living don't hold back when it comes to side plates. In the 'Classics On Acid' collection, these smaller canvases become bursts of creativity. Perfect for serving appetisers or desserts, these side plates feature complementary patterns that add a layer of sophistication to the overall table setting.

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  1. Bowls: Dive into Eclectic Elegance

The collection's bowls take the concept of tableware to new heights. From soup bowls to salad bowls, each piece is a work of art in itself. The 'Classics On Acid' bowls boast a fusion of colours and designs, providing a visually stimulating experience with every meal. These bowls prove that functional pieces can also be conversation starters.

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  1. Glasses: Raise a Toast to Quirkiness

The 'Classics On Acid' glassware collection is all about redefining the traditional. Whether it's wine glasses, water tumblers, or champagne flutes, each piece carries the signature whimsy of the collaboration. These glasses add a touch of quirkiness to any dining occasion, making every sip an adventure.

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  1. Cutlery: Sleek and Edgy

Completing the ensemble, the cutlery in this collection is a perfect blend of sleek design and edgy aesthetics. From forks to knives, each piece features unconventional details that set it apart. 'Classics On Acid' cutlery is a testament to the idea that even the smallest details can contribute to the overall ambiance of a dining space.

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Seletti's collaboration with Diesel Living, the 'Classics On Acid' collection, is a celebration of boldness, creativity, and a departure from the mundane. By pushing the boundaries of conventional tableware, this collection invites individuals to embrace eccentricity and make a statement with every meal. Whether you're a fan of psychedelic patterns or abstract designs, 'Classics On Acid' is a testament to the idea that the dining table is not just a place for food; it's a canvas for artistic expression.