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Embrace Timeless Elegance with Our New Range of Morris & Co Cushions

At Courthouse Interiors, we're thrilled to introduce our latest collection of Morris & Co cushions, featuring the iconic designs of the legendary William Morris. Renowned for his intricate patterns and artistic brilliance, William Morris's work has stood the test of time, bringing elegance and sophistication to homes for over a century. Our new range of cushions captures the essence of his original designs, offering you a piece of timeless artistry for your living space.

A Legacy of Design Excellence

William Morris was a pioneer of the Arts and Crafts Movement, and his influence on interior design is immeasurable. His intricate patterns, inspired by nature, history, and medieval art, remain as relevant today as they were in the 19th century. The new Morris & Co cushion collection celebrates this legacy, allowing you to incorporate his stunning designs into your home decor effortlessly.

The Collection

Our collection features an array of Morris's most beloved patterns, each reimagined for the modern home while preserving their classic charm. From the lush foliage of "Strawberry Thief" to the intricate floral motifs of "Willow Bough," each cushion is a work of art, designed to enhance any room with its unique beauty.

  • Strawberry Thief: This iconic design, inspired by the thrushes that stole fruit from Morris's garden, is rich in detail and color, making it a perfect statement piece for your sofa or armchair.
  • Willow Bough: A testament to Morris's love of nature, this design features flowing willow branches, bringing a touch of tranquility and elegance to your home.
  • Honeysuckle & Tulip: Combining the delicate beauty of honeysuckle with the boldness of tulips, this pattern adds a vibrant touch to any space.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Each cushion in our Morris & Co collection is crafted with the highest attention to detail. Made from premium materials, these cushions not only showcase stunning designs but also offer exceptional comfort and durability. Whether you're refreshing your living room, bedroom, or any other space, these cushions are designed to provide both aesthetic and functional value.

How to Style

Morris & Co cushions are incredibly versatile, making them easy to incorporate into various decor styles. Here are a few tips on how to style them in your home:

  • Classic Elegance: Pair the cushions with vintage furniture and rich, dark woods to create a timeless, elegant look.
  • Modern Contrast: Use the cushions as bold accents against a minimalist, contemporary backdrop for a striking contrast.
  • Eclectic Mix: Mix and match different patterns and colors from the collection to achieve a bohemian, eclectic vibe.


Our new range of Morris & Co cushions with original William Morris designs is more than just home decor; it's a celebration of art, history, and craftsmanship. These cushions bring the timeless beauty of Morris's work into your home, offering a touch of elegance and sophistication that transcends trends.

Visit Courthouse Interiors today to explore the full collection and find the perfect Morris & Co cushions to elevate your living space. Embrace the legacy of William Morris and transform your home with these exquisite pieces of art.