Rabbit Chair Baby - Qeeboo

Color: Light Grey

A useful Baby Rabbit chair that has been specially designed with little people in mind. The original Rabbit-shaped chair, just a smaller version, dreamed up for children to have fun with. A unique chair, it can sat on in a number of ways: sit leaning against the ears, ride the rabbit either way and rest forearms on the ears. It also makes a great footstool for bigger people too!

These objects are designed by celebrated Italian architect, interior and industrial designer Stefano Giovannoni who is lauded for his ability to give modernity to simple shapes and archetypal lines. His products are characterised by a “reassuring realism”: playful, boldly expressive but at the same time pure and with a neo-minimalistic approach that leans towards simplicity.


Giovannoni, graduated in Architecture in Florence in 1978, and now lives and works in Milan. He is the mastermind behind many bestselling and commercially successful products and has been referred to as the “Champion of Super and Popular of the years 2000" (Alberto Alessi), “King Mida of design” (Cristina Morozzi), “Most bankable designer” (Eugenio Perazza, Magis) for his status as a taste-making and influential artist and designer. Step into the fascinating world of Neo-Pop with Stefano Giovannoni and his wonderful objects.


Created in 2016 by renowned Milan based designer Stefano Giovannoni, Qeeboo is an Italian design house that empowers self-expression with creativity. Its narrative objects are a result of a design culture that combines thought, vision and emotion with the purpose of bringing individuals into worlds in which they feel free to reconnect with their most creative side.

With a twist of pop, wonder and culture, Qeeboo’s creations are consciously thought to enhance the style of each individual bringing originality to the environment, arising a sense of surprise, still maintaining a rigorous attention to details and final high-quality.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions (L/W/H): 45.3 x 26.2 x 52.7 cm
Weight: 2kg
Seat Height: 30cm*