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Primary Spaces By Minh T
In Minh T’s photographic series, the architecture provides a sense of place, a location to transport the audience to, a backdrop to a story he wants to tell. Buildings and human figures are characters in his mental movie script. Minh T’s signature style is to capture
simplicity and elegance, while creating a sense of escapism through his storytelling. 

About the artist
Minh T. is an art director and photographer based in California. A continuous visual narrative runs through his images which are inspired by architecture, nature and geometry; they are thought provoking and romantic, as if each image is part of a prevailing fairytale. Through Instagram he has managed to enchant audiences from across the globe, including notable publications, fashion houses and fellow photographers, translating his social media profile from casual hobby to an internationally acclaimed aesthetic.

Product information
Material: FSC-certified acid-free paper
Frame: Solid light oak with matt acrylic 
Dimensions: 30x40cm (medium), 50x70cm (large)
Designed by: Minh T
Graphics & Illustrations: 200g uncoated, FSC certified, acid-free paper
Photo Art: 240g mat coated FSC certified paper.

Quality information
All our poster products are produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system. The frame is made from FSC certified solid oak in Italy and is easily opened to install your art print and hung on the wall with a single nail or screw. 

FSC certificate means that our timber comes from sustainable growth forests – where timber can be regrown at the same rate in which it is felled. 

Believing that good design can do more than just look good, each Paper Collective art print purchase helps support a good cause.