Discobolux Lamp

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The iconic Greek sculpture is immortalised moments before the launch and enriched with an unexpected light source.

A perfect marriage between history and contemporaneity.

Crafted from resin, the Seletti Discobolux LED Lamp is a statuesque, striking piece for your space. A recreation of the iconic ‘Discobolus’ (disc thrower) Athenian sculpture by Myron, this lamp features a light source underneath the disc for a clever and modern way to bring an iconic design into the home. The white resin makes a perfect mimic of the original marble, whilst the stance of the disc thrower is an eccentric and artistic design.

Seletti finds inspiration in pop art, aiming to transform the mundane into the magnificent. The result? Ultra-fun homeware that's as practical as it is inventive. Founded in the lively Lombardy city of Mantua in 1964, the brand has decades of experience – and carries all the hallmarks of Italian excellence. 

Material: Resin
Size: 51 x 34 x 19cm
*Bulb included

*Shipping 2 - 3 weeks