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Industry Garden Cast Aluminium Chair - White

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In the Industry Collection, Seletti goes deep into classic Victorian outdoor furniture and emerges with characteristically playful, cheeky pieces.

This garden chair is made entirely from cast aluminium so that it's sturdy, but also light and easy to move about. Decorated in Victorian-era spirals, it’s a great functional pop art piece for your outside patio. Maximalism, we could probably term this. 

Seletti finds inspiration in pop art, aiming to transform the mundane into the magnificent. The result? Ultra-fun homeware that's as practical as it is inventive. Founded in the lively Lombardy city of Mantua in 1964, the brand has decades of experience – and carries all the hallmarks of Italian excellence. 

Material: Cast Aluminium 
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 92cm