My Little Friday Night Lamp

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The secluded car park of a sketchy motel, an empty car with the door open and headlights left on… this lamp is like a cinematic moment of suspense straight out of a David Lynch film.

Designer Marcantonio captures the scene within a glass dome, illuminating your room with street lights. What went down? You’ll have to work that one out for yourself; all we know is that it looks especially cool (and spooky) with all your lights out.

After attending the Academy of Fine Arts, Marcantonio started creating unique pieces of design enriching them with artistic concepts. He is quickly becoming one of the most esteemed Italian art designers of his generation. Connections between people and nature are his favourite theme, interpreting both the dynamics and beauty of them.

Material: Glass & resin
Size: 26.8 x 25.5 cm
Light source: 0.2W LED integrated bulb, this is not replaceable 
Cable length: 2.5m USB cable
Charging time: 5 hours charing time for 20 hours operation
*Designed for indoor use