Seletti X Toiletpaper 'Snakes' Melamine Tray

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Packing a punch in colour, design and style, this Seletti Wears Toiletpaper Melamine Tray is sure to make a statement, however you choose to use it. Perfect for dinners in front of the TV, casual dining, entertaining guests or setting the stage for your eclectic tableware, it is sure to always be a talking point.

Seletti X Toiletpaper is a collaboration that comes down to us from design heaven! Weird and extremely influential, Toiletpaper magazine’s vibrant humour is given shape by combining premium quality products with limit-pushing design.

Toiletpaper Magazine was founded in 2010 as a picture-based magazine and its images have gradually been used beyond the pages in the likes of homeware, clothing, tableware and furniture. The collection features objects that are characterised by an inexhaustible desire to experiment with black humour and the spirit of pop art. Toilet Paper questions our contemporary obsession with images, explores our most unspeakable desires and urges. All the items in the Toilet Paper collection present startling scenes, mixing disturbing normality and troubling ambiguity, stirring feelings of horror combined with visual pleasure. A work of art in itself, the Toilet Paper collection questions, due to its accessible price and wide distribution, the nature and limits of the contemporary art market. This questioning has always been central in their work.

Material: Melamine
Dimensions: 32 x 43.5cm
Care instructions: Wipe with a clean dry cloth