Teacup Tarin - Vittoria

Teacup with Saucer & Teaspoon

At a first glance, this is a beautiful and delicate porcelain teacup set, however this is a Seletti teacup so there is naturally more to the design here than meets the eye. A tongue in cheek nod to the ritual which offers the recipient of the cuppa a surprise in the form of a unique and sensual portrait in the bottom of their cup.

Designed in collaboration with Milan-based photographer Lady Tarin, who is known for a body of work that focusses on nude feminine figures. "It helps that I'm a woman: I've created a relation of identity and complicity, exalting the subject's erotic essence, glorifying the sensuality that I see each day in the women around me.

My project is focused on exploring eroticism as a vital force and desire, through the creation of a dreamlike, visual world that speaks the language of Eros. In my work, I play with the notion that a woman should occupy her own body, that a woman belongs to herself and no-one else."

The Italian photographer created "Guiltless" for Seletti: a collection with disconcerting sensuality, simultaneously provocative and playful. These tea cups offer a play on two contrasting interpretations. The exterior of these cups is adorned with a classic style and a retro edge: the pink floral patterns, gilded details and traditional shapes are reminiscent of crockery found during an antiques market treasure hunt. However, these cups boast a hidden surprise...

Material: Porcelain
Size: 5.8 x 10 cm