2 Person Picnic Basket 'Tuileries'

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The Tuileries round picnic basket is a 2-people basket. It’s made for couples. Its round shape gives it the appearance of a real little love nest. So it’s perfect for a romantic candle-lit picnic at nightfall. The round basket is handcrafted in natural dark brown wicker. When you open it, you can admire its blue jean style cotton fabric.

The 2-people round picnic basket has a large insulated closed pocket that can be opened by a zipper. This pocket is large enough to hold a bottle of wine or any other beverage. Inside this insulated pocket, there are 2 straps to hold glasses (included with the picnic basket), so you can move the basket without breaking the bottle or glasses.

The round picnic basket is sold with all the necessary picnic supplies: plates, cutlery, glasses, bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers, etc. This picnic basket is easy to carry. This is due in part to its lightness (2.5 kg/ 5 lbs) but that’s not all. It has 2 flexible handles, so it can be carried like a bag or worn over the shoulder. A handle on the top of the wicker basket completes the set.

Plates, glasses, cutlery and accessories are dishwasher safe.
Dimensions : 45 x 31 x 24 cm (17.7 x 12 x 9.4 in.) 
Weight: 3200 g (7 lb.)


- 2 white ceramic plates (20 cm / 7 ½ in in diameter).
- 2 large wine glasses (12,5 cl).
- 1 cutlery set, containing 2 knives, 2 forks and 2 teaspoons, stylish in polished stainless steel.
- Metal salt and pepper shaker.
- A corkscrew.
- 2 fasteners to hold the cutlery set.
- 1 small bag for storing dirty dishes after the picnic.