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Let's Dance Animal Traces Dark Carpet by Nynke Tynagel - Qeeboo

Qeeboo presents a collection of carpets, designed by Andrea Branzi, Stefano Giovannoni, Richard Hutten, Alessandro Mendini and Nynke Tynagel. Add texture and character to your environment by creating magical and surreal atmospheres with these stunning rugs designed to enhance your space.

Designed by Nynke Tynagel for Qeeboo, 'Let's Dance' rugs show the foot traces of men and animals in a jam session where different types of foot prints, belonging to the two categories, are mixed.

“The world has been rocked and we dance to a different tune. East meets West on a new wave of magic carpets. We were once divided, but we’ve now collided. So let’s rock. Let’s embrace. Let’s dance!”
-Nynke Tynagel


Nynke Tynagel is a Dutch graphic artist, textile and product designer. Tynagel’s work and creative signature has been described as bold expressive and iconographic imagery, both heraldic and pop cartoonish that projects a strong narrative quality. Her visual fields are tightly conceived, carefully placed and contextualised into intense but harmonious compositions, presented in a range of crafts including stained-glass, ceramics, hand-painting, textile, marquetry, alongside laser and printing techniques. Job Smeets and Tynagel worked together at the iconic Studio Job for over 20 years. In 2020 Tynagel founded her design studio bearing her own name.


Created in 2016 by renowned Milan based designer Stefano Giovannoni, Qeeboo is an Italian design house that empowers self-expression with creativity. Its narrative objects are a result of a design culture that combines thought, vision and emotion with the purpose of bringing individuals into worlds in which they feel free to reconnect with their most creative side.

With a twist of pop, wonder and culture, Qeeboo’s creations are consciously thought to enhance the style of each individual bringing originality to the environment, arising a sense of surprise, still maintaining a rigorous attention to details and final high-quality.


Dimensions: 2m x 3m
Weight: 6kg