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Magna Graecia Terracotta Bronzo Helmet - Seletti

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The New Magna Graecia Collection aims to embrace the world of terracotta in the home and garden. Made with handmade mould and natural materials - built for outdoor and indoor use


Material: Terracotta
Height: 140cm
Sculpted torso silhouette, curved base, solid base stand


Founded in 1964, Italian lifestyle brand Seletti focuses on presenting design projects that showcase the creative characteristics synonymous with Italian excellence. Linking design to pop art in the most charming and irreverent manner, Seletti’s collections blend art with daily life icons.

Since its inception, Seletti has always followed its own rules. From iconic lighting and art de la table to statement objects and furniture, Seletti’s collection of irreverent pieces blends art with the everyday and are designed to make life more fun and exciting.

Seletti is now led by Stefano and Miria Seletti and has expanded into a range of collections embodying enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and experimentation.

Stefano has always believed in reinvention and works with a range of young Italian and international designers to evolve their designs. By also working with people outside of the design world, Stefano can look at the process from new angles, his unconventional and non-academic background lead him to break down barriers and journey towards a ‘new beauty. For Seletti, this is (r)evolution.