Mind The Gap - Psychedelia Wallpaper

Inject an explosion of colour into any space with this exquisite fusion of dazzling tones and opulent detail. Referencing the freedom of expression through the Woodstock era, the Psychedelia print is for those who want to celebrate all forms of life without limitation, allowing the vivacious print to command the eye and demand attention. The central motif of feather-like leaves, surrounded by luxurious colour combinations and profiles, adds a lavish touch to the walls, with the warmer tones elevating the room entirely.


Product code: WP20624
Roll Dimensions: 52cm x 3m (WxL)
Pattern Repeat: 100cm
Surface: Satin Matte

*Sold in a 3 roll set (packed together as one big roll)
*Please note that wallpaper cannot be returned


From the unseen and undiscovered to the instantly recognisable and iconic, Mind The Gap pay homage to art, architecture, artifacts, culture, rituals, and people from all four corners of the globe. Created with an appreciation for the history of art and design, the Mind The Gap collections present a host of different styles, each with a strong aesthetic identity inspired by the marvellous creations of mankind. Led by founder Stefan ORMENISAN, the design team creates vintage, classical, traditional and contemporary looks, generating a unique bohemian lifestyle that encapsulates the spirit of wanderlust of our birthplace.

Mind The Gap products are rich in detail with high-quality finishing and unique embellishments. Mind The Gap are not just purveyors of wallpaper or fabric. We are creators of moods, stories and lifestyles. A world of intriguing combinations and endless creativity, filled with luxury wallcoverings, fabrics, furniture and home accessories that are timeless pieces that enrich lives with beauty and style.