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Netorious Lounger - Fatboy

Color: Anthracite
Netorious is unique lounge furniture piece and a design statement in one. Whether you're sitting upright, lying across or hanging out with friends, Fatboy's Netorious takes relaxing to an even more chilled-out level. This outdoor lounge furniture, perfect for 2 people, combines maximum comfort with minimal use of high-quality materials. That makes it big and smart, sturdy and soft, light and super strong. For maximum comfort, there's also the Netorious Pillow. And with the Netorious Cover, made from recycled PET bottles, you protect Netorious from any weather.

Is it a recliner? A couch? A hammock? It's so much more than that! Netorious introduces a completely new way of relaxing. You nestle into this lounge furniture whatever way you want. Whether you're sitting upright, lying cross-legged, or hanging out with friends, Netorious takes chilling to an even higher level. Fill it with pillows, blankets, and books, and off you go to your own planet of relaxation.

Netorious is grand yet subtle, thanks to its transparency. The clever design combines maximum comfort with minimum use of high-quality materials. This makes it light, super strong, and weather resistant. Its funny legs firmly support this garden lounge furniture on any surface. The sturdy, soft net is blindly concealed in the aluminium frame, which makes the construction extra strong. Those ties between the net and the legs? You can use them to adjust the tension of Netorious yourself. It's that simple!


Knotless knitted net, with a silky touch. The net allows the air to flow along your body.
High quality Aluminium frame, rigid structure with durable outdoor coating.

Designed by: Chris Kabel
Dimensions (LxWxH): 176cm x 154cm x 90cm
Weight: 18.8 kg
Frame: Aluminum incl Axalta fine texture powdercoating
Legs: Steel
Net: Polyester
Can hold up to: 200 kg
UV grade: 4-5

*Care instructions: Clean with water & soap


Chris Kabel creates smart furniture in which ingenious construction leads to surprising design. Chris: "Fatboy has an open mind for things that don't exist yet, and they immediately believed in my wild ideas. It was fantastic to then investigate together how we could translate them into the very best product. That's how we came up with an entirely new interpretation of The Good Life."


For over twenty years, Fatboy have been showing the world that things can be done differently. The homeware brand is renown for creating their own versions of old favourites translating the essence into iconic designs with a twist – and full of ingenuity. With every detail, Fatboy look for the fun in functionality.

Fatboy's products want only one thing: to grow old with you. That's why they choose strong, durable materials that are water-resistant and don't fade; preferably recycled, or with a low environmental impact. And of course Fatboy carefully choose manufacturers that follow the strictest safety, health and environmental standards.


In normal use there is a 24 month warranty on all our Fatboy products. We resolve production errors and are able to help you if you have a legitimate complaint that your product does not last as long as you might expect.