Paletti Cover - Fatboy

Size: 1 Seat Cover


*Paletti Cover Only
Material; Recycled Polyester
Bird Proof
1 Seat Cover
Dimensions; 110cm x 110cm x 85cm
Weight: 0.8kg

2 Seat Cover
Dimensions; 190cm x 107cm x 85cm
Weight: 1.3kg

3 Seat Cover
Dimensions; 288cm x 105cm x 85cm
Weight: 1.85kg
Care instructions:
• Easy cleaning with lukewarm water and natural soap
• For heavily soiled areas, scrub with a sponge soaked in mild detergent and rinse with cold water


For over twenty years, Fatboy have been showing the world that things can be done differently. The homeware brand is renown for creating their own versions of old favourites translating the essence into iconic designs with a twist – and full of ingenuity. With every detail, Fatboy look for the fun in functionality.

Fatboy's products want only one thing: to grow old with you. That's why they choose strong, durable materials that are water-resistant and don't fade; preferably recycled, or with a low environmental impact. And of course Fatboy carefully choose manufacturers that follow the strictest safety, health and environmental standards.


In normal use there is a 24 month warranty on all our Fatboy products. We resolve production errors and are able to help you if you have a legitimate complaint that your product does not last as long as you might expect.