Persian Carpet #143,2400

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Handknotted exquisite Kerman rug showcasing an intricate and delicate floral design around a central stunning medallion.

Kerman is located in the Southeast of Iran, it is an ancient Persian city that is also the capital of the Kerman province. Rug makers in this region have been producing carpets for over a thousand years. Carpets from this area are known for being hardwearing and often feature central red designs, often framing a beautiful medallion. Floral motifs are also prevalent in Kerman rugs as well as the tree-of-life, vase and garden designs which are also popular themes. Kerman rugs from the late 18th century are regarded by many carpet collectors as some of the finest Persian rugs to have ever been produced. Rugs from Kerman are usually knotted with a cotton base and a wool pile giving them a distinctive soft feel when touched or walked on. Kerman rugs have a global reputation for their grandeur and quality making them highly desirable.

Courthouse Interiors owner Hoss is originally from Iran and has spent the last 30 years selecting handmade Persian carpets directly from the infamous Bazaars in Tehran. To say he has a passion for carpets is an understatement, the variety, quality and selection of carpets at Courthouse Interiors is not only extensive but demonstrate the beauty and versatility of both modern and antique Persian carpet designs. 

Fall in love with the impeccable craftsmanship and ancient heritage that is woven into the history of each rug and invest in a cultural heirloom.

Size 208 x 140cm