Persian Carpet #50

A stunning example of the ancient Kashan carpet tradition featuring intricate floral designs around a central medallion.

Kashan is one of the oldest cities in Iran situated between Tehran and Isfahan, the area was one of the primary seats of pre-historic civilisation and some people believe it is where the three wise men originated from. Beautiful Kashan rugs have been crafted here since the 17th century during the Safavid dynasty, with many scholars believing that some of the smaller silk designs date back to the early 16th century.

Traditional colours used in Persian Kashans' are deep reds, vibrants blues, indigo, ivory, yellow, burnt orange and sometimes green. Pastel tones are incorporated to evoke neutral and subtle effects. Kashan rugs are often instantly recognisable and are arguably some of the most beautiful and famous of rugs from the country. While most Kashan carpets are made with a wool pile on a cotton base, some of the older pieces are made from pure silk. Typical designs centre around classic medallion-curve linear motifs like palms, leaves and trees and often incorporate floral patterns. The city is home to the oldest existing garden in Iran, the Fin Garden, and this garden also acts as a muse for many of the city's carpet designs.

Courthouse Interiors owner Hoss is originally from Iran and has spent the last 30 years selecting handmade Persian carpets directly from the infamous Bazaars in Tehran. To say he has a passion for carpets is an understatement, the variety, quality and selection of carpets at Courthouse Interiors is not only extensive but demonstrate the beauty and versatility of both modern and antique Persian carpet designs. 

Fall in love with the impeccable craftsmanship and ancient heritage that is woven into the history of each rug and invest in a cultural heirloom.

Size 204 x 136 cm