Persian Carpet #76,1250

A stunning carpet featuring an intricate floral geometric design demonstrating a delicate flair for subtle and sophisticated colours.

Zanjan rugs are from the ancient city of Zanjan which is in the north-western area of Iran. Carpets from this region are famous for their rich, bright and exotic colours and feature geometric designs. The foundations for these rugs are usually cotton or a cotton/wool mix with colours often incorporating dark reds, browns and light blue. Knotting is typically fine and the pile is often long but packed in with tremendous force which makes these very robust carpets.

Courthouse Interiors owner Hoss is originally from Iran and has spent the last 30 years selecting handmade Persian carpets directly from the infamous Bazaars in Tehran. To say he has a passion for carpets is an understatement; the variety, quality and selection of carpets at Courthouse Interiors is not only extensive but demonstrates the beauty and versatility of both modern and antique Persian carpet designs.

Fall in love with the impeccable craftsmanship and ancient heritage that is woven into the history of each rug and invest in a cultural heirloom.

Size 210 x 125 cm