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Racket La Surprise Lamp - Fatboy

Now available as a single lamp. The lamps turn on by themselves when it gets dark and also turn off themselves. Completely solar powered so easy to use. The lamps provide a cozy atmosphere because they emit a warm light.

Heres The Story

Racket La Surprise is a solar-powered floor lights that comes as a great little rocket. Readymade to install in your garden or rooftop. Racket La Surprise impacts like no other standing lamp does. Are you ready to countdown? With a bit of imagination you recognize a playful design in these rockets. But don’t be fooled, since this ingenious Racket La Surprise is everything but a toy. These are freestanding garden floor lights that charge with solar power. With their tip facing the sky, you easily distinguish Racket La Surprise by its typical Fatboy-red fuse. Gently pull this cord to switch the lamp on and off. Don’t worry if you forget this: it automatically switches off after six hours. Use its sharp floor pin to firmly stick Racket La Surprise into the ground. When the evening falls, get ready for countdown and see how its pleasant, warm light automatically ignites.


Material: Polypropylene (Shade), ABS (Interior), Aluminium (Groundpin)
Dimensions: 85 x 13 x 13cm

  • Warm LED
  • IP55 Certified
  • Charged by Solar
  • Runs for approximately 6 hours when fully charged. After 6 hours the lamp automatically turns off by a timer.
  • Lamp off? Pull the red chord twice for another 6 hours or until dawn.
  • Life span of lamp; 50'000 hours
  • 2700K
  • Battery Type: NiMH 1000 mAh
  • Suitable for outdoor use

*Clean carefully with a dampened soft cloth, adding a little soap only if necessary. Do not use any cleaning materials containing harsh chemicals.

*This product can be used outdoors all year through, please make sure it's positioned on solid ground to prevent it from falling over. Please make sure no moving objects (like branches) can damage the lamps, so make sure there is enough space around the product. Also make sure daylight can reach the shade in order to charge the lamp. The lamp will run for approximately 6 hours when fully charger. This can differ when they’re not in direct sunlight. For example underneath a tree or during the darker days of fall and winter.

*Make sure the Racket La Surprise can regularly enjoy direct sunlight for optimal charging and use. If this isn’t possible the lamp will need several days for a full charge.


For over twenty years, Fatboy have been showing the world that things can be done differently. The homeware brand is renown for creating their own versions of old favourites translating the essence into iconic designs with a twist – and full of ingenuity. With every detail, Fatboy look for the fun in functionality.

Fatboy's products want only one thing: to grow old with you. That's why they choose strong, durable materials that are water-resistant and don't fade; preferably recycled, or with a low environmental impact. And of course Fatboy carefully choose manufacturers that follow the strictest safety, health and environmental standards.


In normal use there is a 24 month warranty on all our Fatboy products. We resolve production errors and are able to help you if you have a legitimate complaint that your product does not last as long as you might expect.